Women’s Centers Exchange Activities

In Palestine, women play a significant role in many traditions, as well as the maintenance, vitality and transmission of intangible cultural heritage. They are the keepers of the ancestral knowledge and immaterial heritage such as handicrafts, textile production, pottery, food production and culinary techniques, as well as dance and songs. They often are in charge of the traditions and safeguard knowledge in the more intimate family realm, but as well often in more creative, religious, public or official domains.  Therefore, Palestinian women are often best-suited to increase awareness and appreciation of traditions in their environments through the revival of oral histories and culinary techniques in everyday life.


Within the framework of “My Heritage! My Identity!” project are planned workshops that aim to empower women and encourage them to promote and protect Palestinian heritage. It is planned to involve around 120 women related to women centers located along Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil in these activities. During the trainings, women from different parts of the Masar Ibrahim trail will gather together in order to work on topics such as storytelling, gastronomy, or visual production (videos / photos), rural and gastronomical productions and handicrafts. The project’s web portal and awareness tools will be included in the presentations.


As most of the “My Heritage! My Identity!” project’s activities, these workshops will also serve to enhance the social cohesion between the participants, which were chosen according to their social backgrounds and geographic areas, to create a diverse group of women representing various views and traditions.


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