“My Heritage! My Identity!” study trip to Jordan: Training on Heritage and Cultural Identity for Palestinian Cultural Actors

In the framework of the EU project “My Heritage! My Identity!”, a study trip on Heritage and Cultural Identity for Palestinian Cultural Actors has taken place between 17th and 23rd June 2019 in Jordan.

The 40 participants, representing Palestinian cultural and heritage sectors, discovered success stories of heritage management and promotion through training sessions and field visits organized and facilitated by Jordan experts.

Thanks to the training the participants had a chance to meet other organizations and people working in the field of heritage in order to create networks and share experiences around common topics. They gained knowledge on the diversity of heritage and practices of heritage preservation and promotion. What is more, they had a possibility to integrate with a pluralistic group and create links to work in the field of heritage.


The rich program of the training included:

  • Field visits to Jordan’s the most important heritage sites (Petra, Busayra, Ajloun forest)
  • Meetings with Jordan’s key actors (Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Al Salt Development Cooperation, National and local authorities)
  • Discovery of innovative ways of heritage management (community participation, integrated management plan, tourism-oriented actions)


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