Six Heritage Topics Definition
Six Heritage Topics Definition 02 Jul 19

In January 2018, a researcher committee, comprised of French and Palestinian researchers, was formed to determine six topics related to the Palestinian heritage.


As starting point of the project research process, in March 2018, the members of the committee had the chance to meet for the first time in Palestine and hike on the Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil.

During this meeting, the committee agreed on six-heritage related topics:


  • The Maqam as a place of popular practices: evolution and diversity.
  • From terraces to settlements: the testimony of Masar Ibrahim landscapes.
  • The one who has olive oil will never be poor: material & political aspects of a Palestinian symbol.
  • The necessity of water and problems: source of life, claim for heritage?
  • Architecture and ways of living: traditional and modern Palestinian villages and cities.
  • Hikayat Palestine through Masar Ibrahim: dialects, oral memories and histories.


The six topics were thoroughly studied during 2018; out of these studies, five academic research findings have been published:


Know more about Palestinian heritage! Discover the research findings:


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