Jordan Case Study Preparation Mission
Jordan Case Study Preparation Mission 02 Jul 19


The project partners AFRAT, Tétraktys, Institute for Community Partnership (ICP) - Bethlehem University and Rapprochement Center between People (PCR) conducted their mission to Jordan, from 26th to 28th of November. During the mission the four partners aimed to explore Jordan case studies that has been suggested by a Jordan expert. The expert with her research team has started collecting information on case studies for initiatives that have taken place in the last few years in Jordan where almost 30 cases were suggested to the four partners.


Also during that time, the partners had eight meetings with governmental and non-governmental organizations.


The organizations’ representatives expressed willingness to cooperate with “My Heritage! My Identity!” during the implementation of the training in Jordan. For example, Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities (DOA) are willing to provide the project implementers with contacts during the training in Petra and other places. Also representatives of al Al Salt development cooperation were willing to organize a program for the training in their area. What is more, they expressed their cooperation to provide all the information needed for the cases.


At the end of the mission seven case studies were identified and approved to be documented for the next phase of training. An orientation of a suggested training program was developed.

A base for relations was established with key actors in Jordan.


A manual has been created to present the seven case studies. Download it here


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