The launch of a series of episodes of the program "My Heritage, My Identity" on Maannews
The launch of a series of episodes of the program 10 Dec 20

TV Episodes

A series of episodes of the “My Heritage My Identity” program were launched. This program is part of the “My Heritage My Identity” project, funded by the European Union, and the French-Palestinian cooperation between the municipalities of Grenoble and Bethlehem. It is part of the activities of the International Symposium on Palestinian Cultural Heritage.

Within 4 video episodes, a set of field reports, and video interviews, the program discusses the importance of tangible and intangible heritage in establishing the Palestinian national identity, in addition to the importance of preserving the historical and religious archaeological sites in Palestine and how to educate citizens of the importance of that, and the role of governmental and civil institutions in restoring Archaeological sites and heritage inventory in various Palestinian regions, and these episodes also discuss the impact of the Corona pandemic on historical sites in Palestine, In terms of the lack of visitors and the suspension of many of its restoration projects, these episodes are broadcast in partnership between Bethlehem University / Institute for Community Partnership, the French AFRAT Center, the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement between Peoples, and the French Tétraktys Center. These episodes are produced and directed by Al-Ma'an TV and Radio Mawwal in Bethlehem.

To watch some of the episodes (in Arabic):

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