Youth Camp "My Heritage My Identity"
 Youth Camp 05 Nov 20

Throuth the partnership of PCR, Tetraktys, AFRAT and BU. In a five-day trip which the participants went to in the youth camp within the framework of EU Project “My heritage! My identity!”, and in partnership with Bethlehem Municipality and Grenoble Municipality through their FICOL Project which funded by AFD. The participants discovered many issues about heritage and the importance of preserving it, then they learnt some practical implementation that help them register, preserve, and promote the oral heritage. The trip was held in the Peace Center building in Bethlehem, and it started with the opening of the session in parallel with the municipality of Grenoble in France, where a similar program is being implemented for young people to exchange different experiences on heritage between the two countries. With an open Speech from EU represented by Mona Ishaq, Bethlehem Municipality represented by Carmen Ghattas, Grenoble Municipality represented by Eric and the opening session ended with a presention about the project from Tetraktys Director Raphael. The session were facilitate by Izz al Jabari.

After that, the participants began to learn the facilities of heritage’s documentation by collecting oral testimonies from the local community in the city of Bethlehem, and Mr. Khalil Shoukeh from Dar Al-Sabbagh Foundation supervised it. They were provided with the appropriate tools, collection and documentation facilities, and the specialized technical equipment for this. Then they had a specialized workshop with the artist Rami Rishmawi on photography and production techniques using a mobile phone. Through this workshop, the participants were acquainted with the most important techniques and tools used in photography and production, and they produced three promotional videos for the heritage of Bethlehem. The participants continued their journey through field visits to Battir to learn more about the nature of Palestine by focusing on the distinctive features of agricultural and environmental heritage, and by visiting the Palestine Museum of Natural History of Bethlehem University, where students were closely acquainted with many of the characteristics and features of agricultural and environmental heritage in Palestine. To complete the experience, the participants applied a practical workshop with the artist Tariq Salsa’ about the street art and the modality of building murals, and they applied a mural to the wall of the public school in Beit Sahour, so that the participants put their own stamp on the heritage and their visual identity. During the five days, the participants got to know more about different topics about heritage and the importance of preserving it with the heritage expert Christian Dabdoub Nasser, and about the history of Bethlehem with Professor Khalil Shoukeh. And also about the tools that Bethlehem Municipality did for heritage preservation in Bethlehem with Mrs. Enas Marzoqa. The young people in Palestine and France participated in several sessions in which they discussed their experience and their concepts of heritage, preservation and promotion.

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