3rd Inter-Community Workshop Report
3rd Inter-Community Workshop Report 18 May 20

3rd Inter-Community Workshop Report
February 20, 2020 - Jericho

The third Inter-Community Workshop with “My Heritage! My Identity!” was held on February 20, 2020 in Jericho with the coordination of the Palestine Centre for Rapprochement (PCR), Bethlehem University - Institute for Community Partnership (ICP), AFRAT, and the Tetraktys Association. The workshop was made possible by the patronage grant awarded by the European Union.

The workshop was divided into three sessions. The first session was devoted to a pilot study of tangible and intangible heritage in Araba, where team members  identified, categorized and reviewed heritage sites by collecting stories, memories and history about the places, people and traditions in Araba.

The second session was a report back from Palestinian local and national authorities that spent one week in France, which consisted of experiences to learn more about heritage management . The team traveled to different parts of the country, met with and saw many versions of the preservation of French heritage sites.

The final session was about Palestinian storytelling. Hamza Aqrabawi shared with those in attendance the importance of the heritage and roots of Palestine through storytelling and how to use awareness tools in sharing stories with audiences to preserve and maintain Palestinian heritage and identity.

In conclusion, the connection between the different organizations holding the workshop greatly contributed to the information that was presented and conveyed to those in attendance. It was a successful workshop to understand the importance of the “My Heritage! My Identity!” project.

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