Ma Dal Mahal: discover the fourth and final song!
Ma Dal Mahal: discover the fourth and final song!
11 Dec 19

Discover the fourth and final song developed under the EU funded project "My Heritage! My Identity!" : Ma Dal Mahal

The song tackles both the landscape and architecture topic studied in the project researches "Junction 60/437: a study of landscape rupture in the west bank" and “Architecture and ways of living” (Read the research findings HERE and HERE )

You can hear the song also on Wattan radio



Lyrics: Mahmoud Abuhashhash

Music: Faris Shomali

Vocals: Azza Zarour, Rashed Zarour, Zina Zarour, Faris Shomali

Drums: Pierre al Tawil

Guitar: Philippe Jarad

Bass Guitar: Khalil Turjman

Synthesizer & Sound effects: Faris Shomali

Recorded at Al-Mada Association for Arts- Based Community Development Studio & RJ Music Productions.

Recording and Mixing: John Handal

Management and Supervision: Amer Shomali and Mahmoud Abuhashhash

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